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Plumber Penrith – How Do You Go About Hiring Plumbers in Penrith?

Many people do not think about plumbing until it is too late, and there is water spraying on their walls. When a plumbing emergency shows up, calling a qualified plumber is critical to saving your home from a potential disaster and helping you prevent having to spend hundreds of dollars on reparations. If you have never worked with a plumber in the past, the question that arises is: how are you going to find a reliable and efficient one? Most homeowners will start looking through the Yellow Pages or browsing the Internet, as both offer a comprehensive listing of plumbing services in Penrith, providing contact information along with an emergency phone number you can call at any hour.
To help you make the right choice, we gathered a couple of tips to help you make an informed decision, and choose a plumber that has all qualities needed to solve your issue.

1. Have People You Know Refer You To Someone They Trust
Probably the safest way to make sure that you will be hiring a reliable contractor is getting referrals from people you know already. There is a good chance that at least one of your relatives or friends has worked with a plumber Penrith in the past, and asking them for referrals can be an excellent opportunity to get in touch with professionals who can do the job for you at less expense. Furthermore, talking to close friends or relatives will enable you to ask very specific questions about the contractor’s experience, skills, rates, commitment and other such factors that can make a good plumbing practitioner.
Make sure to gather at least two or three referrals, and opt for that contractor that seemed to offer the most satisfactory customer experience.

2. Licensed Contractors Come First
It is true that so many contractors happen to be good at what they are doing without holding a specific degree, but a license is clearly a sign that he knows how to handle any job professionally. Before hiring a plumber Penrith NSW, you should make sure to ask him to show you his license, as well as other documents that attest his qualifications as a plumbing practitioner.
A Sydney contractor should be necessarily registered and licensed at the local building authority after having completed a plumbing apprenticeship, plus the attainment of the Certificate III in Plumbing and a minimum of four years of experience. Additionally, a plumber should satisfy the Qualifications and Experience Review Committee (QERC), which attests his competence to carry out work in that class of plumbing. Ask him to bring copies of all his licenses and qualifications for you to check to make sure that you will be hiring an expert.

3. Make Sure They Are Insured
Another important aspect to keep in mind when hiring a plumber in Sydney is the insurance. A plumbing practitioner should necessarily carry a minimum of $500,000 liability insurance, which will offer you protection in case that anything goes wrong during or after he finishes his job. If possible, ask the plumbing company in question if they can show you a copy of their insurance in order to make sure that you will not have to pay for the costly reparations of your home if their work is of a poor quality. Apart from that, a money-back guarantee would also be helpful considering that you still paid them money to repair your home’s plumbing, so make sure to ask them about it before you do the hiring.

4. Get It in Writing
It is common for plumbing companies to quote a price, but charge a much bigger sum of money when the job is done, claiming that they used additional utensils or the reparations required more time than initially estimated. When you find a contractor you think you can work with, ask to review their contract, and get his estimate in writing as well. The estimate should state not only the price quote you received, but also each task or supplies needed to properly complete the job. As a matter of fact, the emergency plumber Penrith you work with should actually insist on this as it will protect him as much as it protects you and your home. You might want to consider getting his quality guarantee in writing, along with a guarantee for his work’s durability.

5. Price Points Don’t Reflect Quality
Price is typically used as a way to determine whether a contractor can do a good job or not. Many people tend to say that a company must provide top-notch plumbing services if their prices are extremely high. On the other hand, others might simply choose a cheaper contractor thinking that the job he will do will be not as good, but still good enough for the money – and who knows, maybe even better. However, price points do not actually reflect quality. If you come across several contractors that offer their services at different price points, call them individually and ask them to compare their services to those offered by other companies. You could also ask them for referrals, copy of licenses and other qualifications, a written agreement, and perhaps a money-back guarantee or similar offerings.
This will enable you to select a reliable contractor that can do a good, long-term job at a reasonable price, without fearing potential accidents that will eventually cost you more money.

There are many important aspects to remember when you need a plumbing professional in Penrith, and the above-mentioned ones are just a couple of them. Experience, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) rating, existent complaints and potential penalty clauses are some others you should also consider if you want to make sure that nothing will actually go wrong. Instead of waiting until it is too late, you should make sure to list a couple of qualified plumbers you think you can work with in the event of an emergency in order to avoid pricey reparations that will be too expensive to pay.

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