Blocked Sewers Plumbing

Blocked Sewers

One of the biggest challenges for any home is a blocked sewer and it’s a problem that needs to be addressed immediately as it can be hazardous to your health apart from being very unpleasant.

This is where Parnell Sydney Plumbers can help you out as we have the expertise and the competence to ensure the prompt clearing of blocked sewers in the Sydney area. Depending on the degree of the blockage and the number of blocked sewer pipes, we can return the smooth flow of waste water to your system in no time at all. Once we have cleared the blockage, we carry out preventive steps so that there will be minimal possibility of future blockages. In instances where there is a single blocked sewer, our drain cleaners will clear out the obstruction. However, when there is more than one blocked sewer, we will use sewer jetters and electric drain cleaners to solve your problem.

blocked sewers plumbing

When a sewer pipe experiences a blockage close to a drain opening, the preferred way to clear it is by using Air Burst drain cleaners – something that Parnell Plumbing has expertise in operating. This works on the concept of rupturing the clogged membrane with accelerated gases like carbon dioxide and air. Blocked sewers are also cleaned out using chemical drain cleaners which could be acidic or alkaline-based. The acid variants can only be used by professional services like Parnell Plumbing, as these can have adverse effects on the heart, lungs, eyes and skin, while alkaline drain cleaners can be procured from any hardware store.

A quick call to Parnell Plumbing ensures that your blocked sewer plumbing issue will be fixed in no time. We are on call 24 hours a day and our emergency services are available in all Sydney areas, including the Blue Mountains and Nepean regions. Call us today and let our experts help you get clear up those stinky blocked sewers.


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